Sweden is the arena for Christianity vs Islam

Edit 2018-05-07: Our bishop cardinal Anders Arborelius is partly supporting the organization #hjärtavärlden (in english it would be, heartworld) and says: "As believing christians we could become an important link and bridge in to the secular Sweden for the believing muslims who want to find their place in our society. It applies not least to us catholics who have had to struggle for a long time to get our rights and become respected as a religious minority." From Caritas Sweden 2018-05-04.

Since the communist and Karl Marx ideology has become powerful in Europe and Russia (Socialist revolution in Russia in 1917). We have now Islam in western Europe. This is a creation of a civil war in Europe. If there are nationalities from ex. middle-east countries doing murders on european civilians. Then this is usually called a crime in a country. Civil war is when this is happening on a larger scale than one incident. There is information that there have been atleast some incidents like this and suspicion from the swedish police that the prime minister in the 1980s, Olof Palme, could have been killed in a middleeast against european type conflict. Sweden is afflicted because of these leftist Jews and mindless followers who establish Islam, a religion which could be the most unforgiving religion in the world, in Europe while reading about atheistic socialism (Karl Marx was jew). Many jews of Europe have been replaced by muslims during the 20th century. The jews lived in europe and were killed by Nazi-Germany and now Germany have a population of muslims. Germany now is not a dictature like it was during the Nazi-Germany time. A important part of the immigration to Europe agenda is to maintain very welcoming immigration laws for non-europeans, in the European countries. The muslims, who have arrived in the hundreds of thousands, bring with them a newer religion, Islam, wich is associated with terrorist groups. The mass immigration of muslims from the Middle East and even Africa, to western Europe, began after World War II. The people who work for immigration of muslims create a civil war in Europe in the process. These incidents of a europe against middle-east crimes is what could be labeled a european civil war. It is up for all good people of the world to stop the reasons for the civil war in Sweden and Europe.

In Sweden there are about 500 000 immigrants from Muslim countries. It means that the suburbs of bigger Swedish cities like Stockholm and Göteborg, that were built circa in the 1970's, have many Muslims living there. The Muslims behave like that they are on a Muslim conquest of Sweden. They do this conquest by the means of totally ignoring the Swedish law and law enforcement and establishing militias/army. They do crimes like, assault, death threats, murder, slander, muggings, suspected home break ins, drug dealing, rapes and enforcing sharia law. The numbers of perpetrators doing these acts are hard to give. The modern westerner is living an individualistic life, and this will not be possible if the westerner will be targeted by the criminals from Muslim countries. The individualistic life is made possible by the laws of countries like Sweden, but when the laws are not upheld, then the only solution is for the Swedes and other westerners to organize themselves so they can defend better. Contacting a security company is a good way to start. They have home alarms which you can buy with a subscription.

In Sweden there are Swedish criminals (or could such criminals in Sweden be labeled Islamist terrorists?) who say Turkish names like Suleyman and Enver, leaders during the Armenian genocide (1896 - 1915), which means they are most probably second generation immigrants from Turkey. The leading Turks in the country Turkey try to get into the European Union for a mass allowance for entrance (maybe some other benefits too) of Muslim Turks to the European Union. While a lesson from Sweden is that second generation (!) Turks in Sweden are career-criminals (in Swedish yrkeskriminella, it means a person chooses to be criminal instead than working without breaking the law, for ex. Denho Acar) and that the immigration of Muslim people to Europe, means that the crime rate will rise very much and they are already too high in parts of Sweden. If the European Union as a whole, want to deal with the crime rates from Muslim persons in the EU, then they will have to get to take up the question of each EU country police budget (for example according to the population in the specific country. Sweden has a problem with unsolved crime cases. It is not Euro that is the currency in Sweden).